Each month, a volunteer at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is featured for their dedication of time and talent. This month's volunteer spotlight is:

Annette Kitowski - May 2017

Each month Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) feeds 130,000 individuals throughout Sacramento County. SFBFS provides fresh produce at 14 Produce for All distributions, feeds students through No Student Left Hungry and meets elderly individuals’ need through Food for Seniors. However, most food distribution occurs through SFBFS’ Partner Agency Network. These agencies are non-profits throughout Sacramento County that host food distributions, provide congregate meals or USDA commodities to food insecure individuals. There are currently 224 agencies partnering with SFBFS to provide these services, and believe it or not, just two staff members work directly with these agencies. With agencies shopping at SFBFS five days per week, you can imagine there is a lot going on as far as communications, data entry, relations and planning. This is where SFBFS’ wonderful volunteers come in to play! SFBFS is please to introduce to you Annette Kitowski, an Agency Relations volunteer.

Annette Kitowski is retired from 22 years of sales and marketing and professional development. She is a native Californian and studied Public Relations and Communications at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. As a Professional Development Manager in the finance industry, Annette’s role included developing and executing education curriculum, implementing a certification program and conference planning. Annette, based off her professional experience, is the ideal volunteer for SFBFS’ Partner Agency Network. It makes sense that she would fit right in as a volunteer, too.

Growing up, her parents encouraged volunteering and giving back to the community. Her mom volunteered with a local children’s hospital and her dad at a Boys & Girls Club, Annette was introduced to volunteerism at a young age. Annette herself volunteered while she was growing up too, at nursing homes, hospitals and at her son’s school while he was growing up. Now with her son out of school and no work schedule to stick to, Annette has even more time to get involved, lucky for SFBFS, she chose SFBFS as the place to volunteer.

Annette works with Patrick and Rosie in Agency Relations providing support wherever it is needed most. Currently, she is assisting with data entry in order to update the Partner Agency Feeding Report and is always assisting with planning the 2nd annual Partner Agency Conference this fall. When asked why she keeps coming back Annette said, “I keep coming back because I see the difference I can make in people’s lives, inside and outside the organization.”

The people she has met and the impact she is making makes it all worth it. Annette believes that getting involved to make a difference in whatever area that interests you is very important for citizens in any community; being a part of the difference in people’s lives not only makes it a better place for others, but also for yourself. Annette has been such an asset to the Agency Relations program that her first name has become synonymous with the ideal clerical/administrative volunteer.

On behalf of the Agency Relations team, and SFBFS, we thank you for your service Annette, and look forward to what you will continue to bring to the organization.

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