Each month, a volunteer at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is featured for their dedication of time and talent. This month's volunteer spotlight is:

Kaitlyn - July 2018


Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) gives community members the steps necessary to grow, harvest, prepare and enjoy their own garden through health and nutrition sessions. In an effort to combat many of the health ailments facing families in our community, SFBFS also partners with agencies to distribute health and nutrition information such as managing diabetes, combating obesity and lead classes aimed at healthy eating, dieting and cooking.

Many of the programs at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services are staffed by volunteers from our very own community. These volunteers bring their passions and skills with them and use them to empower our clients. 29-year-old Kaitlyn Raymond, hailing from rural Michigan, wears her passion for nutrition on her sleeve for everybody to see.

New to the community and hoping to make a difference, Kaitlyn discovered SFBFS one day while perusing volunteer opportunities on the Internet. Reading over the position description for a Community Health Educator, she was enticed by the hands-on involvement through class participation and cooking demonstrations offered through SFBFS’ Health and Nutrition program. Wasting no time, Kaitlyn signed up for a volunteer orientation and got started.

Now, Kaitlyn enjoys assisting with the nutrition classes that are offered to the community by participating in food demonstrations, co-teaching valuable health lessons and helping students create and achieve their own health goals each day.

“Volunteers help facilitate Nutrition classes, childcare, data entry, outreach events and many more tasks as necessary. They share their point of views from a different perspective that the program can benefit from, and their devotion to helping the community to healthy eating habits is invaluable,” said SFBFS Nutrition Education Coordinator Cindy Yang. “Kaitlyn’s passion for Nutrition education and her devotion to helping the community makes her stand out; she shares valuable suggestions to improve the program, always appears early to her volunteer shifts and addresses clients’ needs properly.”

When asked about her volunteer experience, Kaitlyn says, “I feel it is important to volunteer because by donating your personal time to help other people (with education, resources, etc.) so the community can come together and grow as a whole. I wish people knew that the SFBFS offers so many programs and beneficial services to the community which are not limited to solely food distribution.”

Over the five months Kaitlyn has volunteered, she says she has gotten so much enjoyment from meeting so many new people and learning from their habits and experiences while also sharing hers. “During every class I have learned not only more information through each lesson, but I also am so pleased to be able to share the wide range of services that the SFBFS has to offer the people of the community.” said Kaitlyn.

Are you like Kaitlyn? Do you have a passion and want to make a difference in your community? Join the thousands of people and become a member of SFBFS’ volunteer corps today! 



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