Each month, a volunteer at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is featured for their dedication of time and talent. This month's volunteer spotlight is:

Jocelyn Morales - May 2018


Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) serves 140,000 individuals each month through a number of unique services and programs, between two campuses (Family Services and Food Bank Services) and at offsite locations. Family Services offered include Adult Education, Youth Education, Parent Education, Clothing, Immigration Legal Services, Refugee Resettlement Services and SMUD Energy Help. Food Bank Services include Produce For All, Partner Agency Network, Health & Nutrition, Commodities for Communities, Food for Seniors, No Student Left Hungry and May’s featured service of the month, CalFresh.

CalFresh is a unique service provided by SFBFS because it is actually administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. CalFresh is the name for the federal Food Stamps Program in California. In most other states, the program is commonly known as SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. CalFresh is meant to add to a family’s food budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the tables of those who need it most. Not only does CalFresh allow families to feed their children, but it also allows recipients to use the benefits at local farmers’ markets in Sacramento, incentivizing them with matching funds to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

During the fiscal year of 2017/18, the CalFresh will attempt to reach their goal of completing and submitting 1,560 applications. Additionally, the team of volunteers and staff will promote the service at local outreach events, distributions and grocery stores. The CalFresh team employs five staff members and works closely with community volunteers as well as health/nutrition interns from local colleges and universities to assist applicants on a daily basis. Jocelyn Morales is one of these volunteers, currently on her third month volunteering in the CalFresh department.

Jocelyn came to SFBFS in February of 2018 after touring both the campuses as an intern with Frances House. Jocelyn’s motivation to volunteer derives from her passion of helping others and constantly wanting to learn more about resources offered in her community. Jocelyn chose to volunteer with CalFresh because she wanted to learn more about this unique service. Her knowledge grew over time and she now assists potential CalFresh recipients in record time, while still remaining patient and client-focused.

As a volunteer, Jocelyn’s tasks include informing the community about CalFresh and the services offered by SFBFS. Jocelyn assists individuals and families by attending outreach events at grocery stores, Partner Agency distributions, Produce for All distributions and following up with clients after events to provide application assistance. The goal is to ensure those eligible for CalFresh receive their benefits as soon as possible.

Jocelyn’s favorite part about volunteering with SFBFS is gaining knowledge about CalFresh and SFBFS. Meeting the CalFresh team, and working alongside them, is her favorite part of each day. Jocelyn shares, “The CalFresh department is dedicated, friendly, helpful and just fun to be around on a day-to-day basis.” Knowing that she is helping others every single day she volunteers is what keeps Jocelyn coming back. It can’t be easy for her either, as Jocelyn is a full-time student, living in Galt. The 30+ minute commute shows her commitment.

Jocelyn is currently on her way to becoming the first member of her family to receive a college degree. Along with her dedication and passion to serve others, SFBFS thanks Jocelyn for her service and wish her the best of luck on her personal journey!



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