What Revolution?

For years, non-profit organizations, formed by compassionate volunteers, stepped up to meet a need. And while that noble feat describes Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' own founding, things have changed in the past 100 years. Just providing food doesn’t solve the problem of hunger. It’s a step in the right direction, and it’s an important step, but education must be involved. And not just education about food, education about life.

There is no other organization like Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services anywhere in the country that practices a real-world solution. Food is what brings people to the organization, but you change lives through education.

The Revolution is a massive change descending on Sacramento. A positive change. A revolution.

Why Start a Revolution Now?

Because our food system is broken. And, by the way, food isn’t the only answer. However, it is the carrot!

Food insecurity hovers around 244,000 members in our community, but the number isn’t getting any smaller. Sacramento County’s food system is broken. For the past few decades, Sacramento County held an unusual role as the only county in the United States of America that did not have a singular food bank that families in need and partner agencies could turn to for support. With three large food banks and a plethora of small food banks, it’s been unclear as to who would be the voice of food insecurity in our county. With California Emergency FoodLink removing itself from the equation in 2014 and the recent merger with Senior Gleaners in December 2014, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services stepped up to fill that role and lead Sacramento to a more food secure community.

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ vision is not to keep feeding more people, but to pair the greatly needed food with education in order to move families to self- sufficiency. This is accomplished through direct client service, but also by sharing food, resources and knowledge with others who share a vision of making Sacramento County the most food secure community in the United States. A huge abundance of the nation’s produce is grown right in our backyard, so why do statistics show families in our community are going without?

We know people are hungry, but we can no longer just feed their stomachs. It is time we feed their minds too.

Providing healthy food is only part of the battle against hunger in Sacramento County. An educational component is equally critical. Perhaps more. How can people secure employment without speaking English? Without technology skills? Without a high school education? Without life skills? Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services addresses these issues, and more, each and every day.

Try this model. Join this revolution. An integrated system of educational services with food will change the future for not only families in Sacramento, but likely families in need across the globe.


You. Me. Everyone. A revolution may start with just a few, but our community, this farm-to-fork town, must rise to the challenge and make sure farm can get to every fork. As a community, we must ensure education finds its way to all Sacramentans. Families in need must want to change their lives and learn that opportunity is available to them if they are willing to be part of the solution.

Join the revolution.

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