In an effort to address the needs of the food insecure of Sacramento County, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services partners with over 220 food pantries throughout the county. Through food distributions and congregate meals made possible by this network of Partner Agencies, food insecure individuals throughout Sacramento County receive nourishment each month.

In addition to food resources, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services supports these agencies by helping them build capacity to best reach those in need through education, training and creating opportunities for agencies to partner with local resources, such as Grocers Feed the Hungry.

Neighborhood Food Access Network

In 2016, SFBFS embarked on a project to bring together and empower communities through increased food access for all. With the goal of closing the feeding gap of 110,000 more individuals and addressing food access challenges on the community level, SFBFS created Neighborhood Food Access Networks (NFANs).

Sacramento County is divided into 11 NFANs that reflect communities based on food insecurity data and community-level challenges. NFANs meet every month to work through goals and projects that are aimed at maximizing collaboration among the food pantries to improve community impact. Goals include: establishing standardized best practices, synchronizing food distribution schedules to meet community needs and developing a comprehensive outreach strategy.

This work is possible thanks to the support of the Food Access Network of Sacramento County Advisory Committee.

To learn more about the food insecurity data for each NFAN explore the profiles below:

Meet Our Partner Agencies

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services works closely with our Partner Agency Network to help families throughout Sacramento move toward self-sufficiency. Watch the videos below to get a first hand look at what some of our partner agencies are doing and the challenges they face.