Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) has a long history of implementing innovative solutions, offering connections and opportunities to support the people of our county. SFBFS partners closely with a variety of local, regional and national grocers and suppliers who generously donate food to feed families in our community. Click here for a list of participating stores. Starting in 2016, SFBFS formed Grocers Feed the Hungry to streamline the process and make transportation of products more efficient.

Grocers Feed the Hungry creates a direct relationship between our 220 Partner Agencies and our generous grocery donors. SFBFS carefully selects partner agencies to pick-up, store and distribute groceries from local stores directly to families in need, minimizing the amount of time it takes to get food to those who need it most. SFBFS remains the primary point of contact for the retailer/grocer and monitors compliance to ensure food safety guidelines are followed.

Grocers Feed the Hungry leverages SFBFS' vast network of resources to match local grocery donors with agencies in local communities to prevent waste and help fight hunger. More food can be picked up more often, on a more consistent basis, reaching more people in less time.

Getting Started
Is your grocery store interested in helping families in need? Consider donating your store's perishable and non-perishable food today.

1. Review Benefits of Partnering with SFBFS
2. Review Accepted Donations
3. Please contact our Agency Relations Team at 916-925-3240
Next Steps

We can't wait to have you join us in the fight to end hunger in Sacramento County. SFBFS will help you:

  • Determine types of food or grocery product that you have to donate

  • Discuss frequency of donations

  • Design a product pickup schedule for your business

  • Provide all receipts that are needed

  • Assign an approved agency for pickups

  • Follow up with agency and store on service satisfaction

Join us for a tour to see how your donations impact more than 150,000 individuals every month. We look forward to having you join SFBFS’ Grocers Feed the Hungry!