Enter your zip code to find a food distribution close to you in Sacramento County. Click on any blue dot for the Partner Agency's location and hour of operation. Please read any notes for special instructions relevant to that distribution.  Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services relies on Partner Agencies to update distribution and meal schedules. If possible, please call the Partner Agency before making plans to attend a distribution. 

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is here to make a county-wide change to the broken food system. Through community support, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services provides emergency groceries to families in need through partner agencies, six days per week. In an effort to move families toward self-sufficiency, grocery items such as fresh vegetables and fruit, grains and dairy are distributed instead of hot meals. Through partner agencies, 130,000 individuals receive an abundance of fresh groceries every month. Our quality groceries come from a variety of sources including donations from local grocery stores, regional farms and the community. View the growth of Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' Food services over the past five years here.

Hunger Statistics

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides an overview of health per county. Check out the County Health Rankings to see how Sacramento County compares to other counties in regards to children living in poverty, unemployment or rate of adult onset diabetes. A by-product of these issues is food insecurity, the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

A Sacramento County-specific resource related to food insecurity is Hunger Hits Home (2012), a document produced by Valley Vision, Community Link and the Hunger Coalition.