Betty and Carol - August 2017

betty and carol

Betty and Carol, retired elementary school teachers and friends who reside in Auburn, first learned about Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) through a Sacramento Bee article. The article included a list of educational items that SFBFS needed for Youth Education, so they decided to visit and donate boxes of supplies, including books, manipulatives and a DVD player. "You are really helping people that need help and I wanted to find a home for the items instead of throwing them away. I approve of what you do with them,” says Carol.

SFBFS’ Youth Education provides a creative and safe learning environment where youth explore technology, reading, communication and life skills. Betty and Carol took a special interest in Playcare Academy, one of three different components of Youth Education. This service is available for children ages one to five of parents who are enrolled in Adult Education or Parent Education. Volunteers and staff prepare youth for preschool and kindergarten and encourage parental involvement though a co-operative system.

“We got a tour from Teri (SFBFS’ Playcare Academy Coordinator), she was absolutely wonderful,” says Betty. “The minute we went into the very first area we were hooked. And, obviously if people are coming here, they need help. That's who we want to help – parents, grandparents and children.” Carol and Betty both named SFBFS as their favorite educational organization. “Every child needs a book – there is nothing like a book in a child's hand,” Betty says. “Having access to educational resources is the defining factor for kids. When parents come in here, they're also picking out books to read for their little ones. It all starts as early as possible.” 

“The items Betty and Carol donate are high-quality and in great condition,” says Teri. “Their generosity, encouragement and enthusiasm for contributing to children’s education is inspirational. They take the time to go through the materials they’re donating to ensure that our students have the best resources possible.” Betty and Carol plan to continue collecting educational supplies and donating them to SFBFS throughout the year.

SFBFS’ Youth Education would not be possible without the support of community-centered people like Betty and Carol. Their support is an example of how together, we can support families and individuals on their journey to self-sufficiency and financial independence.

If you’d like to learn more about donating or if you’re interested in taking a tour of SFBFS to see your support in action, please visit or give us a call at (916) 456-1980!

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