Sacramento Public Library - April 2018

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Walk through the doors of any of Sacramento Public Library’s (SPL) 28 branches and you will find a welcoming and inclusive environment where it is clear that the organization’s mission is to inspire communities to discover, learn and grow. With roots dating back to the mid-1800s, SPL has an extensive history of connecting people with resources. Beyond being a place to access books, SPL offers a multitude of free services that not only nourish the mind and enrich lives, but also address pressing community needs, including education and workforce development.  

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) is proud to work side by side with such a terrific and caring community partner like SPL. Previously, SFBFS and SPL teamed up for initiatives involving SFBFS’ Parent Education, Youth Education and Immigration Legal Services. Collaborating with SPL through these various efforts effectively raised awareness about some of the socioeconomic barriers that both SFBFS and SPL are tackling here in Sacramento County.

 “SFBFS isn’t just about food. It’s about building up our community by allowing people to get the assistance they need without losing their pride, dignity or sense of self,” says Cathy Crosthwaite, Sacramento Public Library’s Community Engagement Manager. “There are many similar organizations in Sacramento, but SFBFS is one that meets the community’s needs head on and continues to offer a variety of services to help families succeed. In this, SFBFS and SPL are exactly alike!”

Last year, SFBFS and SPL joined forces once again. “Not only did 11 library locations act as sites for SFBFS’ donation barrels this past holiday season, but our staff voted to support SFBFS through personal donations at our Winter Celebration fundraising event,” says Ms. Crosthwaite. “It was inspiring to see the enthusiastic support given to such a worthy cause.” Thanks to the heartfelt generosity of SPL’s compassionate staff members, more than $1,800 was raised to benefit SFBFS’ 14 programs and services.

SFBFS is extremely grateful to have an ongoing relationship with SPL. Because of SFBFS’ relationship with community-focused and equality-driven organizations like SPL, more individuals and families within Sacramento County are better positioned for success. Together, SFBFS and SPL are working towards a Sacramento County where socioeconomic barriers are found only in fiction.

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