Jackson Construction - June 2018


Jackson Construction is a staple when it comes to property development in Sacramento. Their work can be seen all over the area and chances are you’ve been in one of their buildings. Their portfolio includes renovations like the beautiful Sacred Heart Parish to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ (SFBFS) own Arata Brothers Building. You might even be familiar with the Christian Brothers’ Preforming Arts Center and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney - yep! Both built by Jackson Construction.

As a member of the community for more than 40 years, Jackson Construction has seen a lot of change and growth. Knowing that there is a need for programs like SFBFS’ Clothing, Jackson Construction is deeply invested in helping people improve their lives by moving them toward self-sufficiency and financial independence.


Jackson Construction has not only donated to the community through the generosity of their labor in volunteer hours, but they have consistently been longtime financial donors of SFBFS. What inspires Jackson Construction to give back to their community are the positive impacts that they have on the lives of those who need it most. Jackson Construction knows that their gifts will benefit those in need and, in return, they are able to further their mission of “improving the quality of life for which our employees and customers reside.”

Through Jackson Construction’s support, SFBFS clients are able to enjoy furnishings such as office and classroom furniture in the 14 programs and services. Jackson Construction has also made generous end of the year general donations that totaled $25,000 to ensure every client can start out strong in the new year.

Looking at the values that Jackson Construction upholds, it’s no wonder that they entrust SFBFS with their yearly contributions to the community. Some of their core values like Team, Integrity and Determination are reflected in some of SFBFS’ own values like All-In and Solution Focused. Jackson Construction knows that “helping others in need makes the community a better place for all.”

All of SFBFS’ 14 programs and services would not be possible without outstanding donors like Jackson Construction. With our forces combined, Jackson Construction has created a space that is well managed and provides support to the community in a way that helps people help themselves.

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