Walmart Foundation - February 2018


At the heart of the Walmart Foundation’s philanthropic mission is the desire to create opportunities so people can live better. One community at a time, the Walmart Foundation continues to have an impact upon the lives of many. Sacramento is one such community that is experiencing positive changes because of the Walmart Foundation, particularly in the area of food security.

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) is a very fortunate recipient of a recent $200,000 capacity-building grant from the Walmart Foundation. With the Walmart Foundation’s support, SFBFS made critical improvements to its food distribution operations. The grant allowed SFBFS to purchase a tractor/trailer, as well as additional equipment and supplies. The newly acquired assets are essential to distributing larger quantities of perishable foods throughout the county. With increased mobility, SFBFS can adequately address filling Sacramento County’s meal gap, especially in food insecure areas that are furthest in proximity from SFBFS. As a direct result of this funding, Sacramento County’s food system is more efficient, equitable and sustainable.   

SFBFS remains extremely appreciative of the opportunities made possible by the Walmart Foundation.  Many in Sacramento County can live better and fuller lives because they have gained more consistent access to food. Now, with a greater number of reliable food access points, Sacramento County is well on its way to becoming one of the most food secure counties in the United States.

Thanks to the generosity and the community-focused culture of organizations like the Walmart Foundation, SFBFS can continue to serve individuals and families in need.

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