Elaine Kowalski - December 2018


On a stormy mid-week morning, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) staff and volunteers pitched tents, prepared food boxes, hope the set-up withstands some wild weather and clients would safely navigate the treacherous roads to receive their packages. Food Access Program Coordinator Sally Fifield worried the rain may confuse some and began calling homes to let clients know their food is waiting. The Rancho Cordova Library location’s Food for Seniors distribution has a dedicated team that remain undeterred!

 Elaine Kowalski arrived with her friend Doris in tow. She’s relatively new to Food for Seniors and thrilled to share with a friend in need. “This is my third time!” She learned about the program through a nearby food pantry. “I’m helping raise my six grandchildren and there are lots of mouths to feed around our table. I really love this generosity.”  

Elaine greatly appreciated the prepared boxes and the extra nutrition they provide. Food insecurity affects her household and adding this to their resources has helped fill a gap, “with limited income and many mouths, every little bit helps.”  She doesn’t mind venturing out in extreme weather to keep food on the table. 

There is a strong sense of community at this gathering of staff, volunteers and clients. Despite serving over 3,000 per month through Food for Seniors, Program Coordinators poses warm working relationships with clients and facilitators. Elaine and Doris checked in and proceeded to chat and joke with the team. They were both excited to hear about other services offered and devised a system to share information. As volunteers shuttled their boxes of food to the car, Elaine confirmed the date for next month’s distribution. “Thanks so much! See you next month!” Doris peeked inside this month’s package and declares “This is such good food. We appreciate it!” 

SFBFS developed Food for Seniors in an effort to meet the financial, medical and mobility challenges seniors face with expanded access to food. SFBFS distributes approximately 20 pound of free groceries such as milk, grains, cheese, juice, meat, peanut butter, canned vegetables and canned fruit once per month to seniors in need. Providing these supplements allows low-income seniors to purchase other essentials.

Low-income seniors can access food in Sacramento County through designated food pantries, libraries and faith-based organizations. To sign up for Food for Seniors, bring proof of identity and address verification to a Food for Seniors distribution. SFBFS will be there to assist you, rain (even extreme rain) or shine!

For more information about SFBFS’ Food for Seniors program, please click here.

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