Kristina Romo - April 2018


Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) partners with SMUD through EnergyHELP, which is funded voluntarily through SMUD customers. SFBFS’ SMUD EnergyHelp services pays a portion of an electricity bill by performing a lottery selection that picks individuals in the Sacramento area who are at risk of getting their electricity shut off. SMUD then calls those people to let them know they were selected to have a portion of their electricity bill paid for and to verify eligibility. SFBFS staff also calls them to set up an appointment and complete the assistance process.

Kristina, a single mom of three and an accountant, was struggling financially and living paycheck to paycheck while saving money for her bills. She was also at risk of losing her power. However, she received the help she needed one day when SMUD called her to let her know that she was selected to have most of her electricity bill covered thanks to donations by SMUD customers.

“At first, I thought it was a scam [when SMUD called],” recalls Kristina. “Then, the guy asked for my information and  I realized that this was real.”

Not long after that, Kristina scheduled an appointment with SFBFS for further assistance in regards to her electricity bill. She met with SFBFS’ SMUD EnergyHELP representative Angi Sandoval to find out that SMUD was covering $200 for her bill. She was shocked and in tears after that appointment.

Helping cover a portion of an electricity bill is one of the many ways SFBFS assists those in need by alleviating their immediate pain and problems. That way, individuals can find relief while paying for other bills, food and providing for their families.

Find out more about SMUD EnergyHELP and how you can help families in need.



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