Wazir - April 2017

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) offers 15 different programs and services free of charge to individuals and families looking to elevate their life. SFBFS’ Family Services campus hosts a variety of educational classes in an effort to give people the tools they need to become self-sufficient and financial independent. One of SFBFS’ most popular programs is the English as a Second language (ESL) classes taught by dedicated SFBFS staff and volunteers. Five different levels of ESL classes are available in addition to a learn-at-your-own-pace language lab offering Rosetta Stone courses.

Wazir and his wife Sima are currently enrolled in SFBFS’ Adult Education program and making their way through the ESL classes. The couple, who has only lived in America for the past year, came to Sacramento from Afghanistan where Wazir worked for the US Embassy. Because of his previous work experience, Wazir had the opportunity to practice his English while in Afhanistan, but his wife, Sima is brand new to the language. Wazir is currently enrolled in SFBFS’ level three ESL class and Sima is learning the basics in our beginner course. “When we first arrived in Sacramento, I knew I wanted to improve my English speaking skills,” shared Wazir. “I just wasn’t sure what was available to me.” After a few months of looking around for opportunities to learn in his new home, a friend told him about SFBFS. “It sounded great,” remembers Wazir. “But, I wondered how far it would be.” With a little one to take care of, Wazir was concerned about traveling a distance and securing childcare should he and his wife seek educational opportunities. Wazir’s fears were eliminated when he learned that SFBFS was only five minutes away and provided free childcare for individuals enrolled in ESL classes! His young daughter now enjoys time in SFBFS’ Playcare Academy where she is also being exposed to the English language, is able to play with other children and best of all, afforded a safe and secure place to be while Mom and Dad improve their English!

Wazir looks forward to completing SFBFS’ ESL courses and using his new English language skills to help secure him a good job to be able to provide for this family. “I’ve met so many amazing people and teachers here,” smiled Wazir. “My only complaint about the program is that I wish the classes were longer than one hour! Then I could learn more, faster!”

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