Daughters of Zion Enterpryz - March 2018

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Pastor Tamara Bennett founded Daughters of Zion (DOZ) Enterpryz in 1999 with the purpose of helping disadvantaged individuals overcome physical, social, professional and financial barriers. Their ministry provides housing, job training skills and financial workshops and they offer these services to over 12,000 families annually. This aligns with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ (SFBFS) mission to alleviate individuals’ immediate pain and moving them towards self-sufficiency and financial independence. DOZ served as a Partner Agency with Senior Gleaners, Inc. before they merged with SFBFS in 2014. Since then, DOZ has worked with SFBFS to feed more families in the community.

Pastor Tamara Bennet was born into hardship and raised by a single parent. Through her life experiences, she made it her passion to end homelessness and hunger and help youth and adults become tomorrow’s leaders. She served as the senior pastor of This Is Pentecost Fellowship Ministries (TIP), with locations in Oakland and Sacramento. She and her husband Elder Quentin Bennett also change lives on a spiritual level by offering breakthrough prayer sessions, revivals, youth conferences and outreach services to the community.

Through DOZ’s partnership with SFBFS, they provide fresh, healthy food to families and individuals in need. Their food and clothing distribution takes place once per week  at TIP and every third Friday at Pacific Elementary School, where they feed hundreds of families weekly. From December to April, they partner with Sacramento Steps Forward to provide congregate meals and host approximately 100 homeless guests per night within their Winter Sanctuary Program. DOZ not only provides immediate relief from hunger, they educate the families they serve on how to maximize the quantity of meals based on household size.

“Daughters of Zion is located in one of the most underserved areas of Sacramento County,” says Rosie Cerna, SFBFS Agency Relations Manager. “They support our mission by not only meeting the immediate needs in this area, but they are also committed to empowering their community by providing resources to help them move towards self-sufficiency”.

SFBFS is thankful to have DOZ as one of our 220 Partner Agencies and we are ecstatic to see the lives they change before our very own eyes.



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