Omar - November 2018


Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) offers a variety of programs and services at no cost to the community. One program, Youth Education, offers Playcare for children ages 1 - 3 with parents enrolled in Adult Education or 1 - 5 with parents enrolled in Parent Education. Playcare volunteers and staff work cooperatively with parents to create a safe and warm environment, prepare children for successful school careers, foster love of learning, cultivate respect for others and provide positive community experiences. 

Omar, a typical two-year-old enrolled in Youth Education, thrives in Playcare. His curious, energetic and happy nature keeps the volunteers smiling and on their toes every day. Omar stays busy in Playcare while his mother attends educational courses in Parent Education, Adult Education or with the Afghan Mothers group at SFBFS.  


Omar talks up a storm and volunteers report his speech development as right on track for his age as the fall semester of Playcare began. Having already mastered common words, Playcare Academy Coordinator, Teri Weesner, noticed his vocabulary underwent a recent growth spurt in October, expanding in volume and complexity. She attributed his advancement to a healthy and curious nature along with literacy efforts at home and stimulating learning environment.

Playcare’s new take-home bilingual backpack, available to students in three different languages, greatly resonated with Omar. These fun backpacks include stuffed animals, bilingual books, guides for parents to engage young minds and promote reading at home. Teri noted, “Omar was excited about his turn to take the backpack home and really enjoy snuggling with the animal.” SFBFS greatly appreciates the support of donors who make educational supplies such as bilingual backpacks a reality for families in our community. Many parents of children enrolled in Youth Education appreciate the diverse educational options that SFBFS provides and make sure to care for and return items in good shape so other children may benefit from these resources. 

Omar’s family values their time spent at SFBFS. They appreciate the supportive family services offered and courses that encourages healthy development that move them toward their goals. They recently expressed appreciation to Teri and shared recent development strides he accomplished at home, thanks to the great support he received in Youth Education. 

For more information about SFBFS’ Youth Education program, please click here.

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