Larry- July 2018


Larry had lived in Las Vegas for 30 years working well past 65 years old in casinos in order to save up and have a good nest egg for retirement. “I was pretty well set when I retired, but when my mother got sick I ended up going through most of the money I’d saved up for her care. Then, she passed away and I needed to use what I had left on her funeral expenses. I couldn’t afford a plot and had to have her cremated.”

In Las Vegas, Larry had two roommates and a great apartment. Unfortunately, a series of unexpected events including his mother’s passing and his own health concerns, Larry made the decision to move to Sacramento in order to be closer to family. “About five years ago, I’d suffered a stroke and then shortly after was diagnosed with cancer.” With the urging of family and having visited his son in Sacramento regularly over the years, Larry knew he wanted to move here and has gladly made it his new home, “Since I’ve moved to Sacramento, everyone I’ve met is just really nice.”

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At first, Larry struggled to find an affordable place to live but with the support of family and local organizations, he was able to get a place at Colonia San Martin. It was there that he learned about Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). SFBFS partners with Mercy Housing California to offer a series of free nutrition classes at Colonia San Martin for individuals like Larry that have difficulty getting around and can’t make it to SFBFS’ campuses for classes. Larry signed up for one of SFBFS five-class series and quickly befriended the SFBFS instructors, “I met Jialing and Edward and they answered all my questions and reinstated some things I knew about food. They taught me some great things about ingredients and what to look for when shopping to have a healthier life. It was very informative and made me we want to live better. These people came here and brightened my life up.”

Through these classes, Larry now feels more comfortable shopping for healthy food. He has also explored other SFBFS services including Produce for All distributions. He encourages others to take advantage of services offered by SFBFS, “I would tell people who are on the fence, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is helping you so you can take better care of yourself. I’m very thankful for Jialing and Edward. This is like being able to call mom and ask for her advice. You can ask them anything. They are very warm and easy talk to.”

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