Am I eligible for CalFresh?

CalFresh eligibility is determined by income and by U.S. resident status. You may be eligible for CalFresh if your household’s gross income (before taxes) falls below these limits:

Number of Persons in Household
Personas en el Hogar
Maximum Income Monthly
Máximo Ingreso Mensual
1 $2,024
2 $2,744
3 $3,464
4 $4,184
5 $4,904
6 $5,624
Each additional member (cada miembro adicional) + $720

CalFresh Inquiry Form

If you meet these criteria and are eligible to apply for CalFresh, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services can help! Take the first step by filling out the following CalFresh inquiry form and a staff member from Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services will contact you to schedule an appointment to apply:

Name *
Is anyone in your house currently receiving Supplemental Security Income/Payment (SSI/SSP)? *