Stamp Out Hunger Success

Every year, SFBFS partners with the National Letter Carrier’s Association to participate in StampOutHunger. The largest one-day food drive in the nation takes place every second Saturday in May where letter carriers in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America collect food from their postal customers. The idea is simple. Go through your pantry, find non-perishable items like canned beans and vegetables, peanut butter or pasta, fill the specially marked Stamp Out Hunger bag you received in your mail a few days before and leave it on your porch. Your letter carrier will do the rest!

On Saturday, May 14, SFBFS participated in the 24th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive right here in Sacramento. Seventeen post office locations across Sacramento acted as a hub for the delivery of goods for the greater half of the afternoon. Without the help of several volunteers at each location, there is no way we could have kept up! At one point, at the Fort Sutter location, we had three letter carriers with VERY full trucks ready to be unloaded. Our volunteers sprung into action making sure to set aside any glass items and filled our makeshift bins. SFBFS then loaded the trucks up for their journey to our Distribution Center. There, even more volunteers were waiting with the daunting task of sorting and organizing all the donations. In total, the day produced 173,869 pounds of food!

SFBFS is proud to partner with the National Letter Carrier’s Association for this incredible one-day event. Being able to see the community come together for one cause in such a short time frame was very inspirational. I was even more excited to see so many young people volunteering. At multiple locations, I saw middle schoolers, high schoolers and even elementary students volunteering with their parents. I asked one little girl how she found out about this and she replied, “My Mom told me about it…but I wanted to help.” It’s incredible what we can accomplish when we come together as a unit. Due to the abundance of donations received through this food drive, SFBFS will be able to supply food to so many families in need. Great work, Sacramento!

Submitted by: Elise Hawkins, SFBFS' Communications Officer