SFBFS Staff Spotlight - Erika Ledbetter


Come behind the scenes and meet the people who make the organization run! This month’s featured staff member is Erika Ledbetter, CalFresh Outreach Assistant Manager.

1. What’s your favorite thing about working at SFBFS?

My favorite thing about working at SFBFS is being able to create a welcoming environment to brighten someone’s day. I know that I might be the only person all day to smile at someone and ask them how their day is going. It’s such a small gesture but has an enormous return. I like being able to start conversations and let someone know they are worth taking the time to talk to and create a shared experience.

2. What does a typical workday at SFBFS look like for you?

A typical workday for me at SFBFS is conducting CalFresh outreach and application assistance at a Produce for All distribution or other community event, assisting someone with a CalFresh application at our Food Bank Services campus or Family Services campus, managing grant information, making phone calls and interacting with the CalFresh Team and sharing best practices. Luckily, everyday day is different and throws new experiences and challenges my way.

3. What inspires you in supporting the SFBFS mission and culture?

What inspires me in supporting the SFBFS mission and culture is knowing that I or someone I love could easily be in the position of needing our services. I would want to make sure I or my loved one is treated with respect and care, inspiring me to practice treating everyone with respect and care and hopefully making them laugh too.

4. What is your favorite pastime?

Working out with my gym buddy.

5. What is your favorite fruit or veggie and why?

I love all fruits and veggies because they are good for you!