SFBFS Staff Spotlight - Angi Sandoval


Come behind the scenes and meet the people who make the organization run! This month’s featured staff member is Angi Sandoval, SMUD EnergyHELP Representative.

1. What’s your favorite thing about working at SFBFS?

My favorite thing about working for SFBFS is I respect a company where the leadership is out in the heat and in the cold working with us, empowering their community hands on.

2. What does a typical workday at SFBFS look like for you?

There is no typical day at SFBFS, but it looks busy, busy, busy with heavy phones and people to contact!

3. What inspires you in supporting the SFBFS mission and culture?

What inspires me in supporting SFBFS is I believe in not leaving anyone behind. We are here helping clients build skills and obtain services that elevate their households and their ability to strive forward. Everything nowadays is so technological and we are here to help those not comfortable with these changes until they acquire the building blocks toward their future successes.

4. What is your favorite pastime?

I love being a beach bum and taking pictures of family and nature.

5. What is your favorite fruit or veggie and why?

My favorite fruit is strawberries because they are sweet and I LOVE sweets! My favorite vegetable is broccoli. I think it was my mom’s favorite and we had it all the time growing up.