Meet Leslie Singh!


Meet Leslie Singh, a humble and dedicated Parent Education volunteer who’s passionate about serving others. Leslie is a mother of two who worked for the state of California for 27 years and retired a few years ago.

Leslie started her journey with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) in 2016 after learning about the organization through Volunteer Match. She got involved with Produce for All distributions where she served for nine months, rain or shine. Later she decided to give Parent Education a try and fell in love with the Children’s Boutique.

SFBFS’ Parent Education program helps parents explore healthy and supportive courses regarding infant and toddler development and earn valuable parenting supplies, such as diapers and clothing, through attendance. Leslie has been serving in the program’s Children’s Clothing Boutique for the last year and a half. Her typical volunteer shift involves sorting through the abundance of donations in the warehouse, organizing and restocking supplies on the shelves, greeting clients and checking them in or out while they shop.

Leslie enjoys the warm, welcoming environment staff and volunteers have worked to create in Parent Education, from the kind greeting she receives each morning to the way staff jump right in if the boutique gets too busy. She wishes more people knew SFBFS offers more than just food. Our Family Services campus in Oak Park also offers Adult Education services, legal services and free clothing.

Leslie has developed such meaningful relationships with her fellow volunteer moms who also work in the Parent Education boutique and warehouse. They have sincere respect for the parents who come into the program. Leslie shared, “It is priceless to witness a child's smile, as he/she leaves our store with a toy that the parent has bought with their earned baby bucks.” 

Leslie believes kindness comes in many forms. She knows it doesn't only come from the giving staff; it also comes from our clients. Sometimes, when a client didn't have enough baby bucks, a classmate helps by sharing hers. Leslie wisely noted, “Serving our community is a good thing, but I think serving others without expecting anything in return is even better.”  

During Leslie’s college years she got the opportunity to meet a spiritual master, Brother Rose, from India. He often mentioned the value of human service, saying "Human service is next to God." This sentiment still resonates with Leslie today and inspires her to continue volunteering. When she’s is not at SFBFS Leslie enjoys practicing yoga meditation and babysitting her adorable great niece Amelia.