Meet Dynamic Duo, Moe and Roe


Meet SFBFS’ dynamic duo, Margaret (Moe) and Roseann (Roe) Bullock, identical twin sisters who started volunteering with us back in 1993 in the Sunday lunch program. During that time Moe and Roe worked full-time jobs but still wanted to give back and help others, so when they heard Father Dan on the radio, announcing Sunday volunteer opportunities for working people, they knew it was a match made in heaven.

Over the next 14 years Moe and Roe continued volunteering in the Sunday lunch program. In 2007 the program changed, no longer offering food service onsite but mobile food distributions throughout Sacramento in order to serve more Individuals. The dynamic duo decided to switch over and volunteer their time in the clothing program, which didn’t take them long to fall in love with. Both sisters really enjoy sorting through the donations and making the clothing program look neat and organized. In 2012 Moe retired from the Department of Public Health after 26 years of service. In 2015 Roe joined her in retirement after 30 years of service with the Victims Compensation Board.

Both sisters loved the clothing program so much they stuck around, even when the building was being renovated in 2015, causing staff and volunteers to work from a temporary location for several months. During their time at the temporary location they learned SFBFS had recently taken on a new program called Refugee Resettlement and would need volunteers to assist with family support in various capacities. It didn’t take long for the dynamic duo to find their perfect fit which involved sorting through donations of all kinds and putting together household kits to include furniture, dishes, appliances, hygiene, and other household items. Their love for organizing and serving families went above and beyond to create a neat and organized space for household items and furniture to be stored, making it readily available and easily accessible to staff whenever a new individual or family arrived.

Both sisters continue to volunteer their time in donations receiving as a support to the Refugee Resettlement program. Staff can’t express how much they appreciate the love and time both sisters put into their work, whether it’s taking time to find matching dish sets or gathering all household items needed for a move in for a family of 9, they know they can always count on the Dynamic Duo Moe and Roe to get the job done.

When the ladies are not volunteering their time with SFBFS they enjoy going to estate sales, antique shops and finding old dolls to repair and dress up. They also enjoy traveling and visiting their aunt in her Sacramento nursing home every other week. What most people don’t know about the twins is the most time they have ever spent apart in their 66 years on this earth is a total of 8 years when they resided in separate states. Moe and Roe both believe volunteering is a great way to not only fill your time but it’s also rewarding when you see the impact you have on others. They both agree, the variety of volunteer roles at SFBFS allows everyone to find something they enjoy.  

Submitted by:
Krystal Oliver
Family Services Volunteer Coordinator
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services