Bank of America Provides Critical Funding

Take a moment to consider your local grocery store. Set aside all the food and employees, and think of the other things that make the store operate. Picture the shelving, freezers, refrigerators, trucks, fork lifts and countless equipment making it possible for you to get food when you need it. Like that store, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) relies on a variety of tools to distribute food throughout Sacramento County.

SFBFS partners with 220 agencies to distribute nearly 25 million pounds of food a year. Food pantries, churches and schools across the county nourish neighbors through food distributions and hot meals. Volunteers are the lifeblood of each agency, giving back by offering hope and care to the people they serve. Like your grocer’s employees, these volunteers need equipment to distribute a high volume of food.

Bank of America representatives award critical equipment to five SFBFS partner agencies.

Bank of America representatives award critical equipment to five SFBFS partner agencies.

Partner agencies need refrigerators to offer healthy food like meat, dairy and fresh produce. Some partner agencies serve so many clients they receive whole pallets of food from SFBFS, requiring a pallet jack or forklift to transport. Once that pallet of food is back at the partner agency, where will it be stored? Many agencies are in need of racking, the large shelving you might see at a wholesale store. It is incredible to see what a group of volunteers can do with very little. However, if we are to address the astounding reality that 230,000 people in Sacramento County face food insecurity, SFBFS’ partner agencies and their volunteers need quality equipment to distribute food.

With these food distribution necessities in mind, SFBFS is incredibly grateful to be awarded a significant grant from Bank of America. This critical funding expands SFBFS’ capacity to feed individuals and families facing food insecurity. Bank of America’s grant empowers the network to offer more food to more people by providing necessary equipment to five of SFBFS’ partner agencies. The generous gift affords refrigerators, racking, pallet jacks and shipping containers, enabling the Partner Agency Network to serve neighbors with dignity.

Addressing our county’s toughest issues requires that we work collectively towards positive change. We greatly appreciate Bank of America joining SFBFS and the Partner Agency Network to address food insecurity in Sacramento County.

Submitted by:
Kelsey Long
Development Associate
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services