Blake’s Monthly Message - Springtime Changes at SFBFS

This is the first week it has finally felt like springtime in Sacramento and I’m grateful for a much-needed break in the rain. With the change of season comes a renewed sense of hope and purpose at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS).

SFBFS began supporting people in a church over 40 years ago and today supports people all across Sacramento County. Our long history of adapting to feed, educate, clothe and provide hope, is developed and measured with community responsiveness. The shift from a basement food pantry to a large provider of family services for lifelong Sacramento residents, immigrants and refugees did not happen by accident.


With each person we serve and each partnership we formulate, SFBFS’ staff and volunteers listen closely to feedback from our community. Are we best serving local residents? Is another agency leading a program more effectively? Have the needs of families who turn to SFBFS changed? What factors across the region may impact social service?

Armed with answers, our organization perpetually bends and stretches. Rises and contracts. Builds services and empowers individuals. Over time, SFBFS has grown to provide so much more than food.

Thank you for your support as we continue to diversify year after year. Though we have a long history of service and every intention of continuing Father Dan’s original work, we promise to innovate solutions, stretching your donor dollars further and in ways that best meet the needs of our neighbors. 

Blake Young
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services