Raley's Food for Families


Tom Raley opened his first market in Placerville in 1935. 50 years later, his daughter Joyce Raley Teel founded the nonprofit Raley’s Food for Families. As the foundation arm of the Raley’s corporation, Food for Families started as a nonprofit geared towards an annual canned food drive, motivating customers to give during the holiday season. Today Raley’s Food for Families (RFFF) is a year-round support for food bank partners.

In fact, RFFF maintains partnerships with 12 food banks in Northern California and Nevada, totaling thousands of food agencies being stocked with food. The folks at Raley’s understand their role in the community and business world gives them a particular opportunity to help others, and they love using that leverage for good. Every dollar donated to RFFF goes directly to local food banks. The Raley’s corporation covers 100% of the overhead cost of running the nonprofit. When customers and Raley’s team members donate to RFFF, every bit goes directly to feeding local families.


RFFF believes their role is to build capacity for the experts: local food banks working to feed food insecure neighbors. They put donations from customers, Raley’s team members and vendor partners in a checking account. Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) is able to draw on those funds and purchase groceries at cost. This model provides valuable flexibility, enabling SFBFS to purchase the right food at the right time.

SFBFS welcomes people of all backgrounds, faith beliefs and cultural heritages. Of course, every culture has its own food traditions. Each food distribution site in Sacramento County needs different kinds of food to best feed their unique neighborhood. RFFF offers SFBFS the flexibility to purchase culturally appropriate foods, providing a dignified experience for individuals utilizing food pantries.


In 2018, RFFF donated more than $250,000 to SFBFS, in addition to thousands of pounds of food. Executive Director Becca Whitman shares, “At Raley’s, we believe it’s our responsibility to help others. We have the ability to bring nutritious food to our communities because of Raley’s Food for Families. We are grateful for our partnership with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services in getting wholesome food to those who need it. Together we are able to have a greater impact on growing healthy communities.”

Submitted by:
Kelsey Long
Development Associate
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services