Rabobank Aims to Produce More Food Alongside Customers and Communities

Rabobank is a community bank committed to growing a better world. As an agricultural lender the company is right at home in the farm-to-fork capital of America. Inspired by and serving farmers, they aim to produce more food alongside it’s customers and communities.

Rabobank has sponsored Run to Feed the Hungry (RTFTH) for two years and loves the energy and positivity of the event. In 2018 Rabobank enjoyed celebrating 25 years of the Thanksgiving tradition along with 27,000 Sacramentans. Rabobanker Jill Miller was especially fond of the Elvis impersonator and even caught a wedding proposal on the course!

Rabobank SFBFS Team photo.jpeg

Not only did the company sponsor the event, Rabobank created a race-day team of over 30 employees. The camaraderie amongst the team was contagious! Each member of Team Rabobank showed a personal connection to the event and was glad to know that their participation means more food will be distributed in Sacramento this year.

In addition to supporting Run to Feed the Hungry, Rabobank gives back to their community by volunteering with SFBFS. The company has volunteered in the warehouse every quarter for a number of years. As part of their global initiative to grow a better world, Rabobankers love to roll up their sleeves and support families in need. SFBFS is made up of a cadre of people, including thousands of volunteers, committed to serving people in poverty. We are so grateful to Rabankers for contributing to a future where low income families can flourish.