Meet Ogla

A little over four years ago, Ogla heard about Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) from her children’s school. She wanted to learn English and signed up for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes through SFBFS’ Adult Education program. While attending ESL classes, she discovered the many ways SFBFS serves the community like Playcare, Immigration Legal Services, Parent Education and Health & Nutrition.


As a mother of three, she wanted to learn everything she could to provide a good life for her kids so she signed up for Parent Education and Health & Nutrition classes. “When I was pregnant with my son, I signed up for Parent Education classes where, if you go to classes, you get help with diapers, baby wipes and clothes. I also love attending the cooking classes in the Demonstration Garden because they teach me about vegetables that I am not used to. They explain about vitamins, why it is nutritious to eat something and how it helps you. I like to learn and introduce new food to my family.”

For Ogla, it is important to instill healthy eating habits in her children. “I come from a family with health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure so I want to do what I can to prevent getting sick. Children, they learn from their parents, so I want to teach them by example.”

She recently participated in a five-series nutrition class where she learned skills for better health. Now, Ogla feels more prepared to shop and cook for her family. “They teach you how to make a list before you go grocery shopping which helps with making smarter choices and spending less money. I also learned to read labels and look for vitamins and health benefits in the food.”

SFBFS offers Health & Nutrition classes at both campuses which are available in English and Spanish. Participants such as Ogla learn new recipes, get kitchen supplies and Parent Education clients receive Baby Bucks after completing all five classes. Playcare is also available for those with children 0-5 years old.

“Ogla has attended Nutrition Education classes for a couple years now. She is a very outgoing student and jumps at the opportunity to express her opinion. Ogla has been a wonderful sport during class activities and has taken the liberty of inviting friends and family to the class as well,” says Mario Lopez, SFBFS’ Community Health Educator.

During her time attending SFBFS’ classes, Ogla says she is grateful for those she has met and what she has learned. She helps spread the word about SFBFS’ programs and services to her friends and family. “I’m really happy because everyone at SFBFS really cares about the people that go there. I always feel comfortable; everyone is really nice.”

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