Meet Gina

Although having worked in the healthcare field, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Administration, being currently enrolled at a university and enjoying sewing and long distance cycling in her free time, things have not always been easy for Gina. At a very young age, she was raised by her grandmother and later on in life by her mother. Gina lacked the basic necessities growing up as she describes her family, which consisted of her mother, brother, sister and herself, living in poverty and being indigent. One day, while taking a walk, she stumbled upon Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). When she learned about the Clothing program, for which she is extremely thankful, she was finally able to find clothes appropriate for day-to-day and various occasions. She was overflowing with gratitude and stated that if it wasn’t for this program she would have never had the vital pieces of clothes she needed.

Gina also took advantage of other great services offered by SFBFS such as the food distributions and Adult Education. She says the food distributions nourished her, the Clothing program clothed her and the Adult Education program gave her the skills she needed to succeed. With a smile on her face, Gina says, “Once you discover Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, you will not go anywhere else. Everything you need is here.” Gina says that her experiences with staff, volunteers and others in the programs helped her in raising her own daughters to give love and help others from a very early age, reflecting just how she was treated when she first came to SFBFS in 1985. “It trickled down to my children like a domino effect.” One daughter is a police officer and the other a social worker who works with neglected children and Gina is excitedly expecting her first grandchild.

Gina describes the Clothing program as a great way to help people who are in need of basic everyday clothes, as well as clothing for more specific or formal purposes such as attending a prom, wedding, job interviews or starting a new career, "It has always been a great resource for our community from its beginning to now and hopefully for years to come." Very emotional, she says, “Thank you, SFBFS, for all the great services and support.” She has always felt welcomed by everyone who works at SFBFS and shared that, “Everyone is very generous, kind and helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this place is a blessing!”