How is Star Wars like Produce for All?

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' (SFBFS) provides free, fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals and families in Sacramento County’s under-served areas through our Produce for All program. These distributions take place at health clinics, schools, churches and other community centers. I recently attended a Produce for All distribution and it was an amazing experience. The food presented in large bins and guests funneled through an efficient assembly receiving their portions. Families and individuals shared so much gratitude as they received fresh produce.   

PFA Truck.jpg

It reminded me a bit of the first episode of Star Wars: Rebels. In one scene, Ezra is with Sabine and Zeb as they hand out food to refugees. He watches, uncertain and feeling out of place, as the people thank him for something so simple—a few pieces of produce. There’s a line later in the episode where Hera, the mother figure, counsels Ezra that you can’t be out for yourself, that life has meaning when serving others. 


She was right. I have been on the receiving end, and was very grateful, but nothing surpasses the amazing feeling of giving. Serving others, you forget about yourself and focus on those in need. Produce for All is truly for everyone. There are no questions about income or employment, the only information requested is family size and distributions are open to everyone. Some participants received food for others, including elderly family members unable to leave their homes. It was truly an amazing experience of giving and community.     

For more information about SFBFS’ Produce for All, including a schedule of upcoming distributions, click here. For information about volunteering, click here.  

Submitted by Melinda Lane
Accounting Clerk, SFBFS