Shop Like a King

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) stays busy during Thanksgiving season with the annual Turkey Drive, Turkey Distribution and Run to Feed the Hungry. Raising funds and awareness about hunger in our community and helping families enjoy a meal together dates back to our early formation in the mid-70s and remains present to this day. Beyond these exciting events, SFBFS’ educational programs such as parenting courses and technology workshops are active during this time as well. 


But basketball? SFBFS offers a wide array of services but our staff doesn’t offer that type of training. Thankfully a few local basketball professionals provided assistance on that topic in an effort to improve Thanksgiving for even more in our community. 

On Wednesday, November 14, ten families from SFBFS programs arrived at a local Raley’s store, where a staff member paired each family with a Sacramento Kings player or coach and a Raley’s employee. Teams then embarked on a Thanksgiving shopping spree throughout the store to fill their cart for the upcoming holiday.

Families from SFBFS ranged in size from one to eight, but all shared the same appreciation for the opportunity to select fresh groceries. In addition to shopping with a professional basketball player, who raised eyebrows and earned nods from fellow patrons, each family received a bag of staple pantry items including spices, eggs, milk and flour. 

Lois, who visits SFBFS’ Clothing program, shared, “I'm so glad I was able to shop with everyone. My daughter and I are grateful. Thank you so much.” 

Deavennie, a mom of three who utilizes CalFresh, greatly appreciated the food and the opportunity to participate in this unique event. “Thank you so much,” she shared. “My son is speechless to meet an NBA player. He just turned 10!”

Terri, who supports eight family members living in her home and turns to SFBFS for support as needed, sums the event up beautifully, “Thanks. To you and Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ staff, to Raley's staff and to Sacramento Kings and their staff!!! Me and my family are truly thankful and grateful for being able to go.” 

Thank you to Raley’s and the Sacramento Kings for making the holiday season so much brighter for each of these families and many others living in our community. 

Submitted by Kelly Siefkin, VP of Communications & Marketing
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services