October 2018 Staff Spotlight - Joni Boese


Come behind the scenes and meet the people who make the organization run! October’s featured staff member is Joni Boese, Senior Accountant.

1.       What’s your favorite thing about working at SFBFS?

I think it’s great that we offer such a variety of services. The employees and volunteers are so passionate. Plus, I have a great time at special events! I really enjoy Run to Feed the Hungry and some of our other fundraisers.

2.       What does a typical workday at SFBFS look like for you?

That depends of the time of the month. I prepare financial statements for board meetings, catch up on reconciliations and work on special accounting projects.

3.       What inspires you in supporting SFBFS’ mission and culture?

The staff, leadership team, volunteers and board. So many people go out of their way to support clients. It’s great to work for an organization that goes above and beyond. The staff really want to be here!

4.       What is your favorite pastime?


My dogs! I show dogs and belong to several dog clubs including a large, all-breed group. Every October we put on a show in Dixon that hosts over 1,600 dogs. We donate the proceeds of the show to a local organization that supports animals. Last year we donated $10,000 to the Mercer Clinic which provides veterinary services to pets of people who are homeless. The club likes to support local animals and I’m so glad to be a part of a community of dog lovers who want to give back!

5.       What is your favorite fruit or veggie and why?

Definitely pears, I just love the flavor!