New Refrigerators Provide More Fresh Food to Families in Need


Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS), the official food bank of Sacramento County, received a grant this spring to expand food storage and access for dozens of Partner Agencies. Partner Agencies are food closets, churches and other organizations that distribute groceries/meals and receive their food/support through SFBFS. Together, SFBFS and over 220 Partner Agencies feed 157,000 men, women and children every month in Sacramento County. This is made possible by the collection of food (purchased and donated), the breaking of bulk food items by volunteers at SFBFS and then the distribution of food items to families through Partner Agencies. 

While agencies and families are thankful for groceries, many agencies are limited on the amount of fresh/frozen items they can take for distribution based on storage limitations. With the ability to refrigerate or stack items, many Partner Agencies could take larger quantities of groceries, especially perishable items such as produce. Produce items are greatly requested by local families and appreciated for their nutritious benefits. 

Thanks to a very generous grant from Feeding America and Walmart Foundation, thousands of local families in need will now have access to fresh produce throughout our community. Grant funding from Walmart purchased items including:

  • Double door refrigerators and freezers

  • Forklifts, pallet jacks and scales

  • Racking, tables and industrial shelving units

  • Thermal cooling blankets, scales and thermometers

On Wednesday August 29, Partner Agencies arrived at SFBFS to pick up their greatly needed items. Smiles filled warehouse 3 as forklifts loaded racking, refrigerators and other support materials into the backs of trucks. Agencies without larger transportation vehicles received their refrigerators the following week.  


Thank you to Walmart Foundation and Feeding America for this incredible gift. And thank you to the Partner Agencies for stepping up to face hunger in our community. For more information about SFBFS’ Partner Agencies, please visit

Submitted by:
Kelly Siefkin, VP of Communications & Marketing
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services