The Perez Family

Mrs. Perez was afraid to apply for CalFresh benefits because she’d heard rumors that anyone receiving government assistance might be deported. While she didn’t want to ask a government official about the rumors, Mrs. Perez felt safe in speaking with a Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services’ (SFBFS) CalFresh Outreach team member at an outreach event. The SFBFS representative told her that there was no foundation for the rumor, which led her to apply for benefits.  

With that assurance from the CalFresh outreach team, the Perez family now is receiving much needed CalFresh benefits.   There was no question that the family faced hardship in feeding their four children, even though Mr. Perez had a construction job. However, he didn’t work in rainy weather and the already tight family budget was becoming unmanageable.

When a CalFresh team member called to see how her phone interview had gone with county CalFresh officials, Ms. Perez was in a good mood.  Shortly after the interview, she had received her EBT card. With CalFresh benefits, the Perez family now is better able to balance its budget.

“For us is very important to pay our bills and rent on time (because) we don’t want to get kick out of our place, especially with four little kids,” Mrs. Perez said.