Ms. Brown

Sometimes the first step to providing CalFresh benefits is delivering up-to-date information about the program. Ms. Brown, a single senior struggling with food costs, had been turned down for food stamp assistance many years ago because she receives Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Fortunately, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ (SFBFS) CalFresh Outreach team was available when she needed help and decided it was time to ask again about her eligibility. 

A team member explained that the policy had changed and SSDI no longer disqualified her for CalFresh benefits.  After struggling with food costs for so long, this information was welcome news to Ms. Brown. With the assistance of the SFBFS’ CalFresh team, she promptly applied for CalFresh benefits. When the staff member called her later in the month, Ms. Brown said she was already shopping with her EBT card.

“This makes it easier to get to the next pay day, knowing I have a little more to spend on other necessities,” she said.

By: Lorena Carranza