SFBFS Staff Spotlight - Teri Weesner

Teri - staff spotlight photo.JPG

Every month on the blog, we highlight an SFBFS staff member to give you a peek inside SFBFS’ operations and the people who make the organization run!

This month’s featured staff member is Teri Weesner, Youth Education Playcare Academy Coordinator:

1. What’s your favorite thing about working at SFBFS?

My favorite thing about working at SFBFS is that I feel like I am making a positive difference in someone’s life. I feel like they can look back later and say, “I really got a break or an opportunity at that point to reach a new level and I have gratitude about that from where I am now.” Personally, I that I have that in my life: things that have made a difference and had an impact. In that sense, I am paying it forward.

2. What does a typical workday at SFBFS look like for you?

A typical workday is one in which I provide quality on-site child care for families who are enrolled in the Adult Education program of SFBFS. Even though it is only for two hours, those hours are significant in the lives of the children in Playcare. They have the opportunity to engage in learning that supports all aspects of their development including socially and emotionally. In Playcare, we build trusting relationships with children and their families that support their learning success now and for the rest of their lives. Besides managing my wonderful volunteer staff, the rest of my day consists of cleaning & sanitizing (very important in childcare environments); planning activities in which children learn through play; and administrative tasks.

3. What inspires you in supporting the SFBFS mission and culture?

Please refer to my favorite thing!

4. What is your favorite pastime?

I like to knit and read middle grade and young adult fiction.

5. What is your favorite fruit or veggie and why?

I am very fond of the passion fruit. I love its beautiful flowers and unique taste. It reminds me of Hawaii.