My journey at SFBFS

I remember vividly at age 53, being at a very scary cross road in my life.  I had been a stay-at home mom for 17 years uniquely famous in my children’s classrooms for my delicious cupcakes, story time leadership and creative craft activities I shared with the children.  I had a small interior decorating business on the side but did most of my decorating for free, for community events, in parish halls and for American Cancer Society relay event booths.  I had been in the banking industry in my earlier career and considered myself an organized and talented woman, but after my divorce I couldn’t find work and found it very difficult fitting into the mainstream corporate circle.  I had gone to CalWorks at least 15 times seeking help with my resume and to find work and was linked to at least 10 job search engines.  Taking a shotgun approach I applied for everything month after month.  I was scared and out of money. I am blessed to be a woman of faith but even the best of us can fall into despair and depression. 

When I walked into Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) I felt love and outstretched hands ready and anxious to help me! I took advantage of the free computer classes, resume workshops and met Tasha, the Clothing Program Manager who gave me some nice interview attire.  The help, assistance and guidance I got from SFBFS was amazing and I ended up actually working for them!  As I sit on the other side of the client counter now, gainfully employed with good benefits, I try to extend the same professionalism and sincerity shown to me and am grateful to be part of such a remarkable company.  

Submitted by

Cary Howitson, SFBFS' Administrative Receptionist