Reflecting on my time at SFBFS

My experience here has been one full of hilarious memories and hard work all made possible by the invaluable staff here at SFBFS. This was my first internship and at the beginning I honestly had no idea what to expect besides the image of the typical coffee getting intern common in T.V. sitcoms today. To my immediate surprise, from day one I was treated like any other member of the team in both interaction and work material. I was given instructions on my role in upcoming projects and allowed to create my own content for those projects; they offered guidance but did not hold my hand and I loved it. The Communications Officer challenged me to bring my best to the table and assisted me whenever I struggled and with her help I have completed projects that I am very proud of. I am so grateful to her for being a patient mentor to me and also for choosing me to be her minion.  Thanks Elise!

I’ve learned a great deal of valuable skills and gained both experience and friends here at SFBFS. What was unexpected though is that after working alongside these amazing and passionate people, I now have a clear direction on what I want to do with my life and that is powerful. I will focus all my fire, focus and energy on following my passion of helping others and influencing positive change.  Even though my time as the communication intern for Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is coming to an end, mydesire to help those in need is stronger now than ever before.

Why I Volunteer

Looking at my own life, I have always had a calling to assist those who were struggling to help themselves regardless if their needs were long or short term.  It honestly makes me feel amazing to be relief to someone who is having a hard time. It’s always been important to me to make a positive difference in this world and I understood from a very young age that in order to do so I have to start by first making my home and neighborhood better.  Everyone wants the world to be a better place but I’ve found that many people often don’t have a clear idea on where to start. I’ve traveled all over the country while in the military and I volunteered in more places than I can remember.  What I have come to discover is that each of us is the world and if we really have a strong desire to make the world a better place, we must make ourselves and those around us better.  This idea and my strong desire to help is what drew me to SFBFS whose mission is to help as many people, neighborhoods, and communities as possible. This organization is directly contributing to the prosperity of the community and everyone in it. They are actively making the world a better place and for a short while I was a part of that. While here I have smiled into the faces of those in need and directly contributed to their and their family’s well-being.  I’m envious that people do this for a living.

It’s my belief that life is made more valuable when people help others and it is my goal to get as much value out of my life as possible. If you agree with me please volunteer. It will make you feel amazing and you will know that you have a part in making this world better. If you don’t believe me believe this:  SFBFS has more than 8,000 volunteers a year, many of which show up multiple times a week. There’s got to be something special to it. Click here to make your community a better place.