Displaying a Legacy

Hard work alongside teamwork has prevailed!

The Senior Gleaners, Inc. Legacy wall has finally been completed with the amazing help of the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) communication team and an extremely knowledgeable SFBFS warehouse technician Tommy. Although the project took longer than expected, (the good ones always do) I am very proud of the work that was able to be completed. I spent countless hours filing through the decades of Senior Gleaners’ (SGI) photos, newsletters, newspaper clippings, leadership statements, donor contributions and the like in order to best discover and represent the organization. It goes without saying that SGI and its entire unpaid force believed in and exemplified hard work, teamwork, empathy and the sense of community responsibility. They helped be responsible for others with a strong yes and spent years doing so through food bank services, toy drives, soup kitchens, and other events in the area.

My goal was to make the project feel special to all viewing parties regardless if you were ever apart of SGI or not. I wanted to create something that had meaning in every aspect and in every detail; something visually pleasing that draws emotion and radiates inspiration.

The color scheme of white frames is supposed to represent the blank canvas of life; the photos then are the art. Because SGI volunteers were senior citizens, usually around fifty years of age, the gold frames and accents in the piece represent their golden years of life. I added one row of all black and white photos and a separate row of color photos to signify the passing of time, knowledge and work ethic between the old and the new. I was ecstatic to find an actual ladle while looking through the project materials and had to add it. I mean can you imagine all the people that it helped?  I wanted people to see that it doesn’t take much to help someone. To display the many achievements of the organization, I selected awards that were given to SGI by a variety of groups representing the different demographics that they served and affected. Each award comes from a different group from police officers, to government officials, to children organizations and other welfare groups in the community. This is meant to represent their willingness to help all people and their positive impact on the entire community. Lastly, it serves as a reminder that no matter where you come from, we are all the same and we all could use a helping hand at times.

This project was so much fun and I learned some amazing lessons about myself. Through SGI’s hard work and dedication to each other and their community, they set the bar extremely high and have left a legacy that they can be proud of. Their example has left me reflecting on what it is I would like my legacy to be. I hope that the SGI Legacy Wall will have that same effect on everybody. 

Submitted by:
Maurice Elamrani – SFBFS' Communication Intern