Arata Brothers Open House

This week, SFBFS celebrated a very big milestone on our journey to end hunger. On February 11, SFBFS hosted an Open House to unveil the newly renovated Arata Brothers Building. The new space will allow us to expand several of our programs to better service our clients.

The 30,000 sq ft. space offers a brand new Community Room, designed to house staff meetings, host Network Café (a monthly gathering of local nonprofits and human services providers to share challenges and best practices) and other events such as AFP luncheons. Our Parent Education program has been expanded and now offers four classrooms where our previous location was limited to one classroom. We are excited to be able to offer more space and ultimately more education to our moms, dads, aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents and caregivers responsible for the well-being of their little ones. Another large space of the new building is dedicated to our Clothing program. This program in particular is especially excited about the move as they had temporarily been closed due to the renovation. The new Clothing program space will offer an expanded shopping area, a dedicated space for children to be entertained while their parents shop and a separate room designed especially for our Job Smart program! This program offers individualized support by appointment only. The clothes in this room have been sorted to offer job-ready and interview appropriate attire. Many of our clients will utilize the services in our technology lab or resume writing workshops and be prepared to enter the workshop but lack the appropriate attire to really shine in the interview process. That’s where the Job Smart program comes in!

The Arata Brothers Building will also offer an expanded Donations Receiving area, a warehouse space to store in-kind donations and a volunteer break room for the dedicated individuals who give their time to help those in need.

The event itself was a huge success. Because it was an Open House, we weren’t sure how many people would actually show up, but we ended up having close to 100 people attend! It was a huge testament to the amount of excitement surrounding the renovation of this building. I was asked to provide tours to our guests and with each round, it became increasingly more powerful. I could see the excitement on people’s faces and I was very proud to share what it is SFBFS will be offering and how it will impact our community.

SMUD presented SFBFS with a generous check for $217,172! 

SMUD presented SFBFS with a generous check for $217,172! 

For those of you who were unable to attend, please consider coming by and taking a tour of the facility. Click here to schedule a tour. Programs and services at the Arata Brothers Building will open in early March. In the interim, we need to fill the space! It’s pretty bare right now so we’ve compiled a wish list of items needed to fill it. Please consider donating!  Thank you!