A Refugee Story

Hello, my name is Sayed. I am thirty years old and married to my wife, Makai with three adorable children.

I worked for the US government in Afghanistan for eight good years under the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of State (DoS). My main duty for half of that period was to interpret for the security department, translate training materials for Afghan National Police (ANP) and help interpret in convoy run. I also assisted the Site Coordinators to run the support section by getting promoted to Maintenance Supervisor and later to Operation and Maintenance Manager. I served in a five-hundred man camp which later expanded to eight hundred.


Life, as we see in the media is not so easy in the war-torn and traditional countries. I remember being shot at in the convoy runs and even experienced RPG attack and threats at our camp while we all were on duty.

In mid-2012, we were laid off as DoD decided to shut down operations in our camp. The US decided to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by 2014. We were all exposed to the mercy of Taliban revenge. I had two choices to make; stay back and accept the risks and or make an attempt to save my family. 

Fortunately, my services and hard work paid off; the US government accepted our case and we selected California as our new home. We did go through and experienced a hard, risky long and stressful two year Visa process. But, we got lucky and now we are safe in our new home. However, many men and women who worked like me were not that lucky as some still undergo administrative processing in the Visa Program (SIV) and many have lost their lives waiting.  

Upon our arrival in Sacramento we experienced the unexpected; a warm welcome and greeting by the smiley faces of Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' (SFBFS) crew. Our children were given gifts and toys. Our luggage was carried in the vans and we forgot the tiredness of an almost ten hour flight. We were immediately escorted and taken to our new apartment which we still live in. Yes I admit we were hungry, but our fridge was filled with food and fruits. 

SFBFS had also arranged for us to have beds, furniture and even pots and pans; things a new family can't live without. In addition to, we were provided free transportation and given culture orientation classes. 

US culture was not something I was new to due to almost a decade of work with Americans; but it sure was new to my wife and kids. Everything was amazing; kind people, good weather, great place!

We were assisted in any way we could have possibly imagined by our assigned agency (SFBFS). They went out of their way to help us solve any problems we faced and not only for the 90 days which was required, but even now, almost two years since we moved in. My wife, my children and I won't forget this kindness. 

We did our part and continue to do so. As soon as our legal documentations were processed, I attempted to find a job and I succeeded. I now work for a huge Tech Company and have been promoted twice during my first year. My wife takes English  as a Second Language classes and plans to continue her studies. Our children are going to school and we practice good citizen morals. Are we 100% self-sufficient now? No. Like many other citizens, we are not. We again thank  the US government and Sacramento County for standing by their core values and helping us achieve one hundred percent self-sufficiency.

We dream the American dream. We now have a reliable car, a job and working to buy a house which will take countless effort.     

Afghanistan is where I come from and know the culture. War is not what our culture allows and encourages. It has been enforced on us for almost four decades now. I even personally remember getting in trouble for learning the English language during the brutal Taliban regime when I was just a kid. Now, the world knows where the Taliban comes from and who backs them up. I do not need to explain but all I can say is that it is definitely not an Afghan ideology and culture. 

I appreciate those who read, understand and care. 

Thank you US government. Thank you Sacramento County. Thank You SFBFS. Thank you American people!