My Internship Experience

Hello, my name is Madelynn. I’m 14 years old. I go to Cristo Rey High School, a college prep school. At Cristo Rey, they provide us with a work place and I was assigned to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS).  I’ve been working at the SFBFS for 3 ½ months now. I’ve learned so many things here. I’ve learned to work a lot of different computer programs and how to use and work the phone (which was a little nerve wracking for me because that was my first time.) I’ve also learned how to file, print and how to organize mail to be sent out. I’ve learned a lot about working in an office including how to formally greet other people. Little by little, I’m learning how to make professional greetings and conversations.


SFBFS has many fantastic programs.  I just love that they help out families so much. They have programs that help youth with their education, adult education and parenting classes too.

Staff here are marvelous to work with and also very kind. They have a lot of help here especially for the youth. One of the fun projects I had at work was when I got to help out with organizing Run to Feed the Hungry shirts. I learned how to weight the shirts for postage stamps and put them in order. It kind of sounds boring, but to me it wasn’t at all. I love to move around, keep myself busy and not even notice how fast time passed by. Another project I enjoyed was checking over spelling errors because it helps me even more with checking over my English papers or any type of essays that I have. The things that I’m learning here will help me out anywhere when I’m not helping out at SFBFS.  SFBFS has helped me out a lot and I’ve learned many things here already!

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