An Eye-Opening Open House

As a new employee, I am constantly in awe of how much is going on at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services! On Thursday, August 6, Youth Education hosted a Summer Open House to showcase all of the work our students completed this summer. From virtual videos, elaborate pieces of art, graphic design to robotics work, I enjoying seeing at all our students had accomplished in just eight weeks.

It was nice to see how many people came out to support the students as well. It reminded me of elementary school when I became excited to invite my parents and show off all the great work I made and all the wonderful things I learned. I remember it being such a proud moment for me.

I loved seeing that so many students took advantage of the complimentary services offered in their neighborhood to continue learning throughout the summer. Summertime can be such a fun time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends, but I enjoyed seeing students who were engaged, challenged and inspired to continue their learning throughout the summer months.

As I toured the showcase, I noticed a big poster that read, “I Pledge to…” It was a vow that the students had written and agreed to not bully their fellow classmates. Bullying is such a huge problem in today’s schools and it was powerful to see the Intel Computer Clubhouse students take a stand on bullying.

As I continue to familiarize myself with all the different services SFBFS provides, I can’t wait to learn more and continue to be impressed with the impact in our community.

Submitted by: Elise Hawkins, SFBFS Communications Officer