My Experience as an SFBFS Intern


             Cristo Rey High School freshman Intern

My experience here in at Sacramento Food has been remarkable! I am currently working in Playcare with my excellent supervisor, Ms. Lindsey. Ms. Lindsey is very helpful and caring. When I first met her, I automatically felt that she was a perfect supervisor because of her gregarious personality. For the first few weeks, I have mostly been cleaning/helping around since Playcare hasn’t started yet. I couldn’t wait to be around with the young kids! I already have experience with the younger kids because of my sisters, when they were younger, and also because I have relatives who have young kids. However, I do not know everything and Ms. Lindsey will help me to know more about how to care for them as we go along through the year. Today was my first day with two young girls named Isabella and Tarajii. They both have two different personalities but they were both great girls! Today, I was playing/helping them with their activities. It was fun, especially when all three of us were playing tag. Next week, Monday, is my first day with more kids. I am excited to see and experience what that will be like. I bet it will be a joyous day!     

I love my job because I enjoy being with the little ones! This experience will help me in the future because when I grow up, and finish high school, I hope to be an Early Years Teacher. Before working here I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to be an Early Years Teacher but now I am pretty sure that I would like to be one. I have also been learning new things that will help me accomplish my goal. In order to be a successful teacher you would have to be an outgoing person, especially with the younger ones, since they need more attention. I am shy at first but when you get to know me I am a sociable person. Many people have this same personality but I hope to bring that wall of shyness down! This journey will help me incredibly and I hope to learn new things that will help me in the future.