Working as a Youth Education Intern with SFBFS


Hello. My name is Victoria. I am currently a freshman at Cristo Rey High School. I am a part of the Youth Education service. I work here through my school. My school offers a job to everyone that goes there to get job experience. I really enjoy having a job because it helps me get ideas of what job I’d like to obtain in the future. I also really enjoy working with the children. Ms. Lindsey has taught me everything I need to know so I can be full on board with what is actually going on. Without her help, I’d be really lost. I also really love working with Joyce and Nelly. They are both very big­hearted and are great people to be around. When Ms. Lindsey is not around, I’ve asked questions to Ms. Krystal and Ms. Aurelia. Thanks to them, I now know where everything is and how everything works around here.

The Youth Education service is amazing. I love working with the kids so much, I wouldn’t change my job for the world. The kids make everything about this place. What I mean by that is, if one child is not here, it doesn’t feel the same. They all have their own wonderful personalities. I really like having dance parties with the children. We turn on the radio and dance or we play ring-­around-­the-­rosie. All in all, I love everything about Youth Education. It is an excellent service and I would recommend parents to send their children here. We make everyone feel welcome.