Each month, a volunteer at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is featured for their dedication of time and talent. This month's volunteer spotlight is:

Jacinto - November 2016

For the past four years, Jacinto, age 59, retired and an avid jogger, has participated in Run to Feed the Hungry, the largest fundraiser for Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) every Thanksgiving Day. In 2014, Jacinto’s involvement at SFBFS increased when he began volunteering at food distributions with his son, to help him fulfill a school requirement. After learning more about SFBFS’ many services, Jacinto was connected to SFBFS’ Immigration Legal Services. When he heard about the free and low-cost services offered to the immigrant community, he knew he wanted to help out. “As a Spanish speaking Mexican-American, I knew I could use my knowledge and skills to help the clients that come in, as a majority of clients are Spanish speakers.” Jacinto has helped on a weekly basis since March and is a welcome addition to SFBFS’ Immigration Legal Services (ILS) team.

On a typical day, Jacinto can be found at the reception desk in ILS, saying hello and offering a warm smile to everyone that walks through the door. He helps with anything that needs to be done around the office, “from fixing staplers to answering the phone,” he laughs. He helps assemble informational packets for the workshops offered by ILS, helps to review and file documents, explains the services offered by ILS, answers clients’ questions, assists as a translator, keeps the office organized and more. In addition to the practical help he lends, Jacinto is also known to bring in flowers and fruit from his garden to share with his coworkers, brightening the office and bringing joy to those around him.

Jacinto’s professional background includes work as a psychotherapist for Sacramento County and college counselor for Los Rios Community Colleges. Because of his interest in working with youth, Jacinto has also volunteered with SFBFS’ Youth Education program. Over the summer, Jacinto lead a class for the youth about happiness, teaching them that finding one’s passion can bring you true happiness, not a temporary type of happiness one might get from new clothes or a new phone. For Jacinto, that passion is volunteer service. “I am now seeing and feeling the benefits of a long-term volunteer commitment,” he says. “I have absolutely no doubt that it’s made me feel happier.”

ILS staff member Elvira Daza agrees, saying, “Jacinto can find the happy side of any task he is involved in. He is always willing to help and never says no!” When he’s not happily volunteering at SFBFS, Jacinto keeps busy by doing the grocery shopping and cooking for his family, gardening, tending to his many fruit trees and enjoying his wife, three sons and one grandchild. 

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