Donor Spotlight

Donors come in a variety of forms and make work at SFBFS possible. From students to seniors to companies with a big heart, we encourage you to check out one of SFBFS’ featured donors every month.

R. Douglas Custom Clothier - January 2015

Founded in 2003 by Ryan Hammonds, R. Douglas Custom Clothier provides clientele custom, hand-tailored garments. With a background in fashion design, Ryan brings rdouglas logo reversehis clients exceptional custom garments at an affordable price. The R. Douglas Custom Clothier manufacturing facility combines the use of state-of-the-art technology and traditional workmanship techniques to deliver finished garments with superior quality and value. In October 2014, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) was thrilled to be the recipient of 50 custom, hand-tailored suits designed and crafted by R Douglas Custom Clothier.

SFBFS’ Clothing program provides over 250,000 articles free of charge each year to families and individuals in need. All items are donated by community members, sorted by volunteers and then displayed on racks where clients can search for specific clothing items. Imagine a store filled with men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories and more but all the items are available at no cost; a blessing for families who have fallen on hard times.

Thanks to generous donors like R. Douglas Custom Clothier, in 2014 a new business-attire section blossomed in the Clothing program suiting up more individuals to re-enter the work force and feel confident during interviews. Through this component of the Clothing program clients receive valuable support on their journey to self-sufficiency. With the help of volunteers, clients are able to obtain two to three interview-ready outfits and even practice mock interviews.

Introduced to SFBFS through SFBFS’ Board Chairman, Pat McClain, Ryan was immediately drawn to Pat’s enthusiasm for SFBFS’ mission to support individuals on their journey to self-sufficiency. “The idea of assisting SFBFS’ clients toward self-sufficiency was compelling. I truly believe that quality professional attire changes the way we teamfeel about ourselves and our future. It also affects the perception others have about our demeanor, lifestyle and behavior. SFBFS’ Clothing program seems to be the best fit for the gently-used, high-quality garments our clients no longer need,” said Ryan.

Supporting SFBFS’ Clothing program is rewarding and easy. Clothing, shoes and accessories can be dropped off at the Oak Park campus or picked up from your business. “The process of the donation was very enjoyable. Each SFBFS staff member was friendly, accommodating and passionate about the organization’s mission,” said Ryan. “Community is about helping one another. This is my motivation to be a part of SFBFS and strengthen our local community.”

SFBFS would not be where we are today and could not do what we do without key supporters such as R. Douglas Custom Clothier, a company that understands the importance of leading by doing and partnering to make a difference in people’s lives and the community.

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