Victorea Richeson - November 2016

Victorea Richeson has donated in-kind goods like clothing to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) for the past several years after hearing about the organization from her mother-in-law. Since June, she’s donated her time as well by volunteering in SFBFS’ Immigration Legal Services program as an administrative volunteer.

SFBFS, under the auspices of Catholic Charities of Sacramento, provides low-cost immigration legal services to help eligible individuals navigate the complex process of obtaining legal status. SFBFS' staff attorney, BIA Accredited Representative and paralegal offer services ranging from consultations to full representation. The Immigration Legal Services team also focus on educating community groups on the latest immigration issues. “I think it’s an awesome program – just the outreach and the legal services that are available for low-income people,” Victorea says. “They can just walk in and not be embarrassed or feel that they’ll be turned away because of their circumstances.”

Victorea, a hairdresser in the Sacramento area, had been looking to break into office work and immediately thought of volunteering with SFBFS. “What better way to get experience than to volunteer?” says Victorea. “I’ve learned a lot. I’m amazed when I think about everything I’ve been taught.” As an administrative volunteer, Victorea helps organize client information and makes sure it’s put into the case management system by making sure that all documents are scanned, tracked and archived. Though Victorea is scheduled to volunteer two times a week, she always offers to work as much as she’s needed to get the job done. Chelsea Sachau, SFBFS’ Immigration Legal Services’ Office Administrator, says, “I have confidence in her abilities – she’s so committed and detail-oriented. She gives me peace of mind because she helps our office run so smoothly.”

SFBFS’ Immigration Legal Services would not be possible without the support of community-minded people like Victorea. Her support is an example of how together, we can support families and individuals on their journey to self-sufficiency and financial independence.

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