Mahari Family - March 2017

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) recently launched a new initiative with a goal to get more fresh produce to more people! Our Produce For All distributions have expanded over the last several months to more than a dozen locations across Sacramento County. A beer-style food truck with roll up doors helps make the distributions easy and convenient for those hosting and those attending. Just in February, Produce For All served fresh fruits and vegetables to 1,181 households and 5,192 individuals at 12 locations throughout Sacramento County. In addition, alternative local resources are provided to like access to CalFresh, La Familia Counseling Center, Inc., Alchemist Community Development Corporation, Public Health Initiative and more!

One local family benefiting from their neighborhood Produce For All is the Mahari family. Ali and his wife Abeer are new to the area and have lived in Sacramento for a short eight months. The pair are originally from Iraq and have two young sons, Muntadher, 12, Hayder ,10, a daughter, Zainab, 5 and a little one on the way. Ali is out of work for now as he recently had surgery on his leg and back and is unable to work. His wife provides in-home care for him.

When asked how he’s enjoying his new home in Sacramento, Ali humbly said, “This life is for our children. We want better for them. It was very hard to leave our family and everything we know behind.” The children are adjusting well and even found out about the Produce For All food distribution through their school; Encina Preparatory High School. Ali shares, “This is only about the fourth time we’ve come to the distribution, but it definitely helps out now that I’m unable to work.” “My Dad doesn’t like potatoes,” squealed little Zainab, “but I love them!”

The family picked up a variety of fruits and vegetables and was appreciative of the fresh abundance of healthy food they were now able to put on the table.

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