Kristy - January 2017


“I feel like one phone call changed my life.” These are the words of Kristy, a local mom struggling to put food on the table for her and her young son. While Kristy’s boyfriend holds a steady job, it doesn’t pay enough to get through the bills, pay rent and fill the fridge. “At the end of the month, we are usually only left with about $20 for food. I typically shop at the Dollar Tree to make our money go further,” shared Kristy.

Kristy recently decided to pull her disabled young son out of public school after he suffered constant bullying from his peers. “I want my son to have a better life than I had growing up,” expressed Kristy. She now devotes her time to home-schooling her son.

Recently, Kristy found herself at an all-time low. She was now going on day three of eating solely bread. She had sacrificed the more rich, protein packed items she’d found at the Dollar Tree to feed to her son, but her hunger could not be ignored. “I decided to Google food banks,” remembered Kristy. “The woman on the other end of the line at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services took so much care to help me navigate the Web site and find out where food distributions were happening in my area. Then she mentioned CalFresh.”

After speaking with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ (SFBFS) Administrative Receptionist, Kristy was put in touch with one of SFBFS’ CalFresh Outreach Coordinators. A meeting was set up right away to help Kristy apply for CalFresh. “I was worried,” said Kristy. “I’d applied for Food Stamps before and been denied! I didn’t think I would qualify.”

Two days after Kristy’s CalFresh application was submitted, she got a phone call…”I was approved! I felt like I died and was reborn again!” shouted Kristy. “I immediately went down to pick up my EBT card. To my surprise, what I thought would be $40 on the card, was $400! I just began to cry. I couldn’t believe it.”

A month into receiving her CalFresh benefits, Kristy shared, “I’m thankful to not have [that] worry anymore. I can finally just focus on my son and bettering his future.”

CalFresh can be the first step on a journey to self-sufficiency and financial independence for many who struggle with hunger. Since Kristy was approved for CalFresh, she has now learned of other services offered at SFBFS and plans to look into attending free GED classes at SFBFS so she can finally finish her high school education and be a role model for her son.

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